Environmental Impact Of Solar

You can feel proud that you are making a difference.

Whatever your motivations...

Whatever your motivations...

Some people buy a Park City solar energy system to save money, some people buy because it's techy and cool. But whatever your reason, you can feel proud that your decision is making a positive impact on our environment and in our community. Specifically, over its lifetime, the environmental impact of an average sized, 20 panel solar system includes:

460,000 lbs of
CO2 Eliminated

40,000 Auto
Miles Eliminated

10 Acres of
Trees Plants

Who knew you were so good?!

Where do you get YOUR power?

While Salt Lake City's winter inversions are caused by the unique topography of our wonderful city, they are fueled by pollution from cars and coal-fired power plants. When you choose to power your home by the sun instead of coal you are making a direct and immediate impact on the quality of our air in our community. Thank you!

What are we teaching our kids?

As parents, we teach our kids table manners, how to throw a ball, to always say please and thank you. But what are we teaching them about our responsibility to our community and our planet? With kids, actions always speak louder than words - and your new Park City solar energy system will speak volumes.