Our Story

Our Story

Celebrating Our 10th Year In Business

Dwelltek is one of Utah's leading solar solutions provider working to help homeowners live more comfortably, economically, and sustainably in their homes. For DwellTek is not just selling solar systems but rather engaging with customers in a long-term process to improve the energy efficiency of their homes and their impact in the community. DwellTek actively engages with its customers to get involved with community groups. Whether it be working to maintain local hiking trails to swinging hammers to helping build schools in rural Mexico, it's all about getting involved in the community.

We became a B-corp in part to proudly accept recognition for how we currently operate our business, but also, and perhaps more importantly, to inspire us to do more. While we are certainly proud of what we do, we know that it's HOW we do it that really makes a difference. Becoming a certified B-Corp enables us to learn and collaborate with other B-Corps and push our thinking on what is possible for us to accomplish in the communities we serve.

The Change We Seek™

DwellTek seeks to build a community of solar empowered families taking personal accountability for the energy footprint of their homes and inspiring others to follow their leadership.