Financing for Solar Energy Systems in Oakley & Park City, UT

A shiny new solar system on your roof for no money down? You betcha!

Maybe you're thinking that you want to use your good credit to back the purchase of a new solar system, and naturally you want to get a good deal. Truth is, with current interest rates your best financing option is to use the equity in your home. Whether it's a HELOC or 2nd mortgage, the cost for these options is less than any financing that a solar contractor or bank specializing in solar loan products can offer. We suggest starting your financed purchase investigation here.

We understand that many interested buyers want to finance through other means. We can help.

DwellTek is a company based on the principles of solid return on the products we sell. Your return on a solar investment means a lot to you, and us. That said, be wary of solar companies offering unbelievably low rates and extended delayed payment terms. Often these purchases come with installation prices that are loaded with extra costs to support the fantastic loan structure. Typically you'll spend 25% more for these 'low interest' loan products.

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